Family Counselling

Families can be layered and complex at times. Communicating clearly is not always the easiest task when it comes to those we have shared histories with. Kindsight helps you identify unhealthy patterns within your relationships and work together to identify and build more effective communication and boundaries within your family.

Kindsight provides a comfortable and compassionate therapeutic environment that will allow you to explore:

  • Communication struggles
  • Conflict resolution
  • Past traumas that may be impacting present relationships in negative ways
  • Highly charged emotional differences
  • Trust issues and breakdown
  • Financial issues
  • Unexpected and late life pregnancy
  • Blended family challenges and co-parenting strategies
  • Interpersonal interactions and relationships
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Children leaving home

Are you ready to take the first step, Kindsight Counselling can help.