What is Kindsight?

Kindsight is the lens that drives Samantha’s work, both personally and professionally. Inspired from the work of Karen Salmansohn, the main concept of kindsight is based on the premise of this quote:

“View your life with kindsight, stop beating yourself up about things from your past.Instead of slapping your forehead and asking: “What was I thinking?” Breathe and ask yourself the kinder question: What was I learning?”

Life is messy and not always easy to navigate. We are all learning how to find our way through life with minimal bumps and bruising while cultivating authenticity and happiness within our lives. It is easy to beat ourselves up, focus on all of the “shoulda-woulda-coulda’s” but it is difficult to see the frame when you are part of the picture.

Kindsight Counselling is about finding a soft place to land within the storm and learning how to be gentle with yourself and thrive in the face of adversity. I truly believe in the power of human capacity and am committed to quality, evidence-based therapeutic practices with a collaborative effort focused on assisting you in creating change while facilitating healing and resilience. This includes using empathic regard rooted in the power of personal change and compassion, the ability to have empathy for clients while encouraging them in their capacity for change and embracing personal evolution in human beings.

My passion for meeting people where they are at and truly understanding their personal experiences allows me to provide compassionate and empathic support, while helping people overcome barriers and live their lives with courage and joy.

My approach is rooted in helping people recognize their ability to be comfortable in their own individual human condition, to develop their own measuring stick separate from what the world provides as a measuring stick and to assist them in moving forward in life comfortable and confident in their own understanding and experiences.

I believe that in every therapeutic relationship, each person is both teacher and student, where learning happens for both people present. As a therapist I learn from each therapeutic relationship and recognize that the work that we do together is not unlike planting seeds in a garden, some seeds grow faster then others - some will bloom right before your eyes, while others take years in the making. Some of the lessons aren’t truly applied or understood until another turn in the road brings them into full recognition. These seeds of knowledge carry long past when the active therapy is happening, serving both therapist and client for many years to come.

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