What to Expect

Kindsight isn’t trying to re-invent the wheel when it comes to the therapeutic process. The traditional approach to providing therapeutic counselling usually includes four to five stages from the beginning to the end of the process and is briefly outlined below.

Stage 1


Kindsight Counselling offers a free 30-minute consultation in order for you to connect with Samantha and ensure you feel comfortable prior to committing to the therapeutic process. During this meeting we will discuss your goals in seeking counselling and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have. You can then decide if Kindsight is a good fit for your needs and if therapy is something you wish to invest in.

Stage 2


Commitment is the stage in which the client and therapist decide to devote their time, energy and capacity to establish a relationship and work towards the achievement of therapeutic goals.

In your first session Samantha will complete the required paperwork for the intake process and ask important questions to get a better understanding of your personality and a greater understanding of what you are looking to get out of counselling. The objective of the first session is for you and Samantha to get to know one another and collaborate in establishing your goals moving forward.

Stage 3

Active Therapy

After your initial session you will meet with Samantha regularly to explore and work towards achieving the goals you have established.

Active therapy makes up the central body of the treatment process. During active therapy Samantha will work with you to alleviate and manage symptoms, identify patterns and address the root of the underlying issues you have been dealing with.

Participation in therapy is voluntary; however the collaborative outcome is directly influenced by the client’s willingness to actively engage in the therapeutic process with the counsellor. Often the best work is achieved when the trust you and Samantha have built together is strong.

Stage 4


The transitional stage of treatment consists of reviewing the goals you created, the progress that has been made throughout your therapy and highlighting all that has been learned throughout your therapeutic journey. This will be an opportunity to assess where you are now and reflect on how are you feeling.

With that being said, therapy and treatment is completely individualized and everyone can require a different amount of time. Depending on how you are feeling and where you are within your goals, you may decide to continue working with Samantha for a longer period of time or if you are feeling confident in the progress you have made, we will conclude therapy at this time.

Stage 5


After the conclusion of therapy, Samantha always welcomes clients to connect with her for continued maintenance or check-ups as needed.

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